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Council has a Contracts and Tender Policy for activities associated with the purchasing of goods and services by the Corporation.

It aims to protect the interest of all parties and to ensure propriety and public accountability in letting tenders and allows industry to have an equal opportunity to compete and participate.

The calling of tenders can be initiated on a as needs basis and Council may undertake open or selected tenders. Council's tenders if advertised are lodged in the Advertiser Tenders & Contracts Section under the Local Government banner on Tuesdays on a as needs basis.

Please note: If you have any issues with downloading or accessing one of Council's Tender documents, please check with SA Tenders and Contracts.

Select the link below to view and download Council's tenders.

Tenders on SA Tenders & Contracts

Welcome to the South Australian Tenders & Contracts website. The site provides easy-to-use access to all publicly available bidding opportunities within the South Australian Government. Electronic submissions can be made using the Electronic Lodgement Service. You can also view the details of all South Australian Government-awarded contracts for goods, services and works.

  • CPAE027023 Lulu Pump Station Upgrade

    Works are to be undertaken to the Elder Road Pump station in order to improve traffic safety, protect the asset and improve occupational health and safety.

  • CPAE027029 Fire Equipment Maintenance

    To provide the maintenance and supply of fire fighting equipment throughout Council owned facilities

  • CPAE027046 For the Services of a Landscape Architect for the Tender Documentation of the Roy Marten Park Upgrade

    The City of Port Adelaide Enfield (the Council) invites tenders for the provision of a detailed survey, detailed design, contract documentation and contract administration for the Roy Marten Park (the Services).  The Council will enter into a Contract for Services with the successful Tenderer.

  • CPAE027053 Event Operations Management of the Port Festival 2015

    Tenders are invited for suitably qualified consultant or agency to undertake the operational coordination of the Port Festival 2015. A consultant/agency is sought with experience in developing and implementing all aspects of major public festivals and events.

  • CPAE027058 Upgrade of Harold Tyler Reserve

    Council is seeking services in landscape construction for the upgrade of Harold Tyler Reserve, Angle Park. These services include major irrigation and turf installation.

  • CPAE027090 Lefevre Peninsula Stormwater Management Plan

    The City of Port Adelaide Enfield are looking to undertake a comprehensive stormwater management plan for the entire Lefevre Peninsula area. Upon completion this stormwater management plan must achieve endorsement by the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board and the Stormwater Management Authority.

    It will be a requirement of the plan to address the following at a minimum; stormwater flood issues, water quality, opportunities for stormwater detention/retention, water reuse and development on the Peninsula. Stormwater management on the Peninsula is of great interest to the residents and therefore a high level of community consultation will be required throughout this project.