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Graffiti Management

Grafters Van

Graffiti vandalism is a crime which costs the community both time and resources. It can also cost the community in other ways through loss of civic pride, devaluing property and generating a sense of fear and anger within the community.  Graffiti vandals like to see their marks or tags scrawled across walls or fences it gives writers recognition, respect and street fame among their peers.  It these tags can be quickly removed, it defeats the vandals' purposes and makes the activity much less rewarding.  The City of Port Adelaide Enfield's Graffiti Management Program aims to reduce the incidence of graffiti by means of volunteer support, education and community consultation. Council's Graffiti Management Program is based on the principles of community partnership and the rapid removal of graffiti vandalism.  For more information on how to access this free service click here.

Formed on the basis that graffiti is a community based problem volunteer teams known as "The Grafters" have been brought together to remove graffiti using the principles of rapid response.  If you would like to become a volunteer on Council's Graffiti Management Program please contact the Graffiti Program Coordinator during business hours on 8405 6702.

As part of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield's ongoing Graffiti Management Program, a Yamaha Utility Vehicle is utilised to assist volunteers to access fixtures for the removal of graffiti vandalism along the Semaphore foreshore.  The Utility Vehicle ensures that the 6.3 kilometres of foreshore is fully serviced.  The Utility Vehicle is able to access fixtures that are not accessible by automobile.Graffiti Utility Vehicle

In addition to the volunteer graffiti removal program, Council's overall approach to graffiti management includes the development of community projects.  These aerosol arts projects target graffiti hot spots throughout the Council with the aim to minimise the incidence of graffiti vandalism.  Click here to view  aerosol arts projects in the Council area.

Council continues to work with the Department for Families and Communities to provide opportunities for Restitution Services to have involvement in specific graffiti removal programs. A further partnership has been formed with the Klemzig Neighbourhood Watch group whose volunteers remove graffiti in the eastern region of Council.