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What Council Does for Business

Shipping Currently, there are approximately 73,000 businesses in SA and over 7000 of those businesses are located in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield .

The Council area has a particularly solid manufacturing base, with businesses operating in all areas of manufacturing including wood products, basic metal manufactures, non-metal products and food and beverage products. The businesses in our City are wide ranging; from the manufacture of world class products from pasta to cement, to state-of-the-art wine bottling and storage and the construction of high tech air-warfare destroyer ships.

30% of Adelaide industrial land is located in Port Adelaide Enfield, which accounts for around 20% of Adelaide's overall industrial output.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield has a strong employment base currently sustaining some 44,000 jobs. The vision is to reaffirm and significantly increase employment opportunities in our city by creating a flourishing, competitive and sustainable business and tourism environment that adds value to our community.

Major Projects either planned or underway within our City such as the Third River Crossing, Osborne Defence Precinct and major urban developments such as the Port Waterfront Development, Westwood and Northgate will assist the community and the City to bring this vision to reality.

The challenges for the community and Council from the Business and Investment perspective will be to embrace and foster a collaborative framework where all parties from industry, local community, State Government and Council can work together in a partnering approach to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental outcomes.

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