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Arts and Cultural Development

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is a culturally rich and diverse community. Council recognises the important role that arts and culture play in the creation of distinctive, connected, inclusive and culturally engaged communities.

 The City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s Arts & Cultural Plan 2011 – 2015 has established the following goals:

  • The Port Adelaide Enfield community’s diverse cultural values are respected and celebrated
  • Port Adelaide Enfield is a vibrant centre for the Arts
  • Individual members of the community benefit personally from involvement in arts and cultural activities
  • Council’s arts and cultural activities are accessible and equitable
  • Port Adelaide Enfield’s rich 'Spirit of Place' is acknowledged and celebrated
  • Cultural facilities, placemaking and public art contribute to a vibrant sense of place in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield
  • Arts and cultural activities are a significant contributor to the City’s economy
  • The Port Adelaide Enfield arts sector is viable and sustainable

Port Adelaide Enfield is home to a significant number of artists, galleries, studios, museums, organisations and events; including Vitalstatistix Theatre Company, Kurruru Youth Performing Arts, Port Adelaide Artists Forum, Port Community Arts Centre, Semaphore Music Festival, Port Festival, Twilight Christmas Parade, SA Maritime Museum, National Railway Museum and SA Aviation Museum.

 Public Art

The City of Port Adelaide Enfieldhas a strong commitment to high-quality urban realm development and the creation of special places and spaces within the City.

Council’s Arts and Cultural Development Officer develops public art projects within new housing developments, streetscape upgrades, open space redevelopments, festivals, etc.

“Council will initiate Public Art as part of its commitment to improving the overall appearance of the City and to creating vibrant, attractive and functional spaces.” [Council Policy 5.11 - Public Art and Placemaking]

 Current projects include:

  • ‘The Embankment’ Public Artwork,Main North Road,Enfield
  • Prospect Road, Blair Athol/Kilburn Upgrade Stage 2
  • Memorial Walk Public Artwork,McLaren Wharf, Port Adelaide
  • Suitcase Public Artwork, Port Festival 2013

Council’s Public Art Guide Book showcases the vitality of our public art, artists and the spirit of our local community whose sense of place is firmly embedded in the distinctive public art on display.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield encourages and supports the design and installation of artwork in public places, such as murals, bus shelters and painted stobie poles. Refer to Council’s Guidelines for the Installation of Art in Public Places and Guidelines for Public Art on Stobie Poles and Bus Shelters

Cultural Development

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is committed to developing “a healthy and connected community that supports and values people, culture and place”. [City Plan Goal]

 Current/recent projects include:

  • Swing High Music and Dance Projects for people with disabilities at Enfield Community Centre
  • True North Youth Theatre Ensemble at Klemzig Community Hall and Hillcrest Community Centre
  • Street Sports Hip Hop/Youth Dance at Enfield Community Centre
  • Port Festival
  • Port Projector
  • Annual Twilight Christmas Parade Community Workshops
  • Annual Community Mural Project
  • Annual Youth Multimedia Project
  • Support for external projects (e.g. Say Something 2, Come Play With Me)

 The following grants are available to community groups and organisations:

Artist Support

Council provides support to individual artists in the following ways:

  • Special Opportunity Arts Grants for Individuals
  • Letters of support re grant applications
  • Regular information emails re arts opportunities, grants, training, competitions, exhibitions, events, etc
  • Artist Register
  • SALA Festival & Fringe Festival registration subsidies
  • Port Adelaide Enfield SALA Festival & Fringe Festival Guides - production and distribution
  • Port Festival Partnerships and free registration
  • Mentoree opportunities
  • Exhibition space in Port Adelaide Enfield Libraries
  • Arts and Culture talks
  • Employment opportunities through special projects/public art

Special Projects

Current/recent projects include:

  • Every Suitcase Holds a Story Project
  • New Light Industrial (including Night Mural Picnic and Luminous Art Trail) – refer to www.NLI.illuminart.com.au
  • Unexpected Port
  • Suitcase Art Trail
  • Suitcase Aerosol Mural
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Pilot Project – Mosaic Project withWoodville Gardens B-7 School
  • These Are the People in Your Neighbourhood -Come Out Festival Project with Mammalian Diving Reflex and Blair Athol North B-7 School

For further information, please contact Council on 8405 6600.