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Welcome to the Planning and Building section for the City of Port Adelaide and Enfield. 

This section will provide you with useful information to guide you through the processing of lodging a Development Application within the Council area.

Prior to any lodgement, all development applications will undergo assessment against the relevant provisions of the Development Act, 1993, Development Regulations 2008, and the Port Adelaide Enfield City Development Plan.

The department consists of Planning and Building teams that consist of Urban Planners, Building Surveying officers, and Planning Inspectors.  Our services also include:

  • A structural engineer who is available to check structural engineering designs and calculations. 
  • A Heritage Advisor to provide preliminary advice to applicants regarding to any property or building located with a residential character area, historic conservation area or listed on the Heritage Register.

When lodging a development application, the planning assessment involves assessing the impact of the proposed development, including:

  • Size, shape, orientation and layout of new allotments.
  • Potential impact of development upon adjoining buildings, properties and people (e.g. overshadowing, overlooking, and visual dominance)
  • Appropriateness of certain land uses, dependant on the relevant zoning
  • Impact to the character of existing buildings in the street or locality.

After receiving a planning approval, a building approval is normally required. This involves an assessment of your development application against the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia and other relevant Australian Standards. A building rules assessment involves the following:

  • Structural adequacy of the building
  • Fire and safety.
  • Health and safety
  • Energy Efficiency

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield endeavors to make lodging development applications quick and easy and provide you with various ways to lodge using one of the methods listed below:


Council can assess your applications electronically and once the assessment has been completed, we will be able to issue you an approval and stamped plans by email. Lodge Electronic DA

In Person:

Visit Council’s Customer Service Centre and speak to a Customer Service Officer who will check to make sure you have prepared the necessary documentation. At this time you will also need to pay the relevant fees.


163 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide SA, 5015

If you wish to report illegal building work or a breach of planning conditions (i.e. overlooking or hours of use) please complete our online Request for Service


Why are electronic documents of applications being requested?
The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is consistently looking at ways it can improve its operations and the level of customer service.  By submitting Development Application electronically, it will enable Council to speed up the processing of the applications and provide a more efficient way to distribute the documents.

How are the electronic documents to be submitted?
Electronic documents must be in PDF and is to be flattened (no layers), without security/protection.

Do I still need to provide a set of hard copy documents for Electronic Applications?
NO, if you have accepted to deal with Council electronically, no ‘Hard Copies’ are required.

If I have to provide additional documents for my Development Application, what do I do?
Simply click the following link and attach the documents. Lodge Additional Documents

If I lodged planning documents electronically and now wish to send building documents, what do I do?
Simply click the following link and attach the building documents. Lodge Building Documents

I am a Private Certifier and wish to email the documents for an electronic application already lodged?
Simply click the following link and attach the documents. Lodge Private Certified Documents

How big of a file size can I attach?
You can email up to 2GB at one time.  For larger applications or documents, split the attachments and emails as per the guidelines below

How do I name my files?
All documentation is to be named in accordance with ‘Plain English’ naming conventions. For example,

  • Development Application Form.pdf
  • Site plans.pdf
  • Floor plans and Elevations.pdf
  • Engineering Report.pdf

What happens to my documents once I email them, and how long will it take for my application to be lodged?
All documentation received into council will be linked to our assessment area’s internet mailbox.
Council’s staff will review the emails and documentation ensuring they have the correct title names in accordance with the guidelines above; be in PDF format; in accordance with the ‘Plain English’ convention.
Development applications submitted without the correct information may result in processing delays.

How do I pay my application fees?
Once your development application has been lodged, council will email you a development application number with an invoice attached to enable payment.
You can pay your development application fee by phone on (08) 8405 6600 or in person at one of council’s offices, or by post, within five business days of lodgement.

Track Your Application?
Once an application has been lodged, you can follow the progress of the application by clicking the link to search.  Development Application Tracking

Further Information
Should you require further information please contact one of our helpful Customer Services Team on (08) 8405 6600 or Email.

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