Animal Management Plan - People Pets and Places

We are developing our Animal Management Plan for the five year period 2017-2022.

The Animal Management Plan is about supporting responsible pet ownership and for people and pets to experience the best of living in their community. 

Understanding community issues and ideas will assist in developing actions and priorities over the next 5 years.


In July 2016, after extensive community consultation and debate in both houses of State Parliament, the Dog and Cat Management (Miscellaneous) Act 2016 was passed.

Regulations to administer the changed legislation are being developed and there are changes that will impact Council's administration of dogs and cats and will also bring changes for pet owners and the community.  The key features of the changes are:

  • Mandatory micro-chipping of dogs and cats
  • Mandatory de-sexing of dogs and cats
  • Increased expiations and penalties
  • Requirement for people who breed dogs and cats for sale to be registered with the Dog and Cat Management Board.

You can find out more about these legislation changes here.

How can you be involved?

Thank you to the many people who have contributed to our online survey. The survey has now closed and we will be analysing the data to identify key themes which will help in drafting our new Animal Management Plan.

Further updates on the project will be provided on this webpage and via social media.


Stage 1 - Background Research - December 2016 to May 2017
  • Project Inception December
  • Situational Analysis and Review
Stage 2 - Community and Stakeholder Engagement – April to June 2017
  • Conduct community online survey
  • Conduct Focus groups and workshops
  • Develop Draft Plan
Stage 3 - Draft Animal Management Plan – July to October 2017
  • Undertake Community Consultation on Draft Plan
  • Amend Draft Plan based on community feedback
Stage 4 - Final Plan – November 2017
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