Thomas Turner Reserve Master Plan

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is taking a fresh look at Thomas Turner Reserve. We have developed a Draft Master Plan for this Reserve and invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on what is proposed.

Community Consultation

The first and second stages of consultation are now completed. Thank you to all who participated - we really value your input. Feedback from the Stage 2 Consultation on the draft Master Plans is now being reviewed and will be used to inform and finalise the Master Plans.  Following Council’s consideration and adoption, the Master Plans will then be implemented in stages as funding allows. Further information on this will be provided in due course. 

Project Documents & Links

Project Progress



Stage 1: Background + Community and Stakeholder Consultation
  • Review background information and preliminary issues identified.
  • Undertake Community and Stakeholder Consultation.
  • Prepare a Consultation Summary report.
Stage 2: Draft Master Plan (including further consultation)
  • Prepare Draft Master Plan.
  • Undertake Community and Stakeholder Consultation on the Draft Master Plan.
  • Prepare a Consultation Summary Report.
Stage 3: Final Master Plan
  • Finalise the Master Plan.
  • Adoption by Council.

Further information and FAQs

Do you have any further queries about this project such as previous master planning, what areas are included, etc., please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document below:

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or send us an email.
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