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Health - General

Council's Environmental Health Officers are involved in monitoring various aspects of the community in order to ensure public health is maintained. Regular inspections of food premises, public swimming pools, hairdressers and tattooists are undertaken along with investigations of concerns in regard to food, vermin and insanitary properties.

For more detailed information on Food Safety, Cooling Towers, Lodging Houses, Septic Tanks, Hairdressers and Immunisation service please click on the links to the right of this screen.

Supported Residential Facilities
Supported Residential Facilities are accommodation facilities that provide personal care services to more than two people. Personal care can include assistance with showering, supervising medication, assistance with feeding and other daily living needs. Many of the residents living in Supported Residential Facilities suffer from mental illness or intellectual disabilities. Council monitors and licences the facilities to ensure adequate standards of care and accommodation are met.

Swimming Pools
Public pools and spasĀ are monitoredĀ to ensure correct disinfection levels are maintained and the standard of facilities comply with regulations.

Council is able to sell approved sharps containers to members of the public with managed health conditions such as diabetes at a cost of $9.50 for a 5 litre container. For more information please click here.

Council will also pick up discarded syringes both from public and private properties. Council, however, will not collect syringes discarded by home owners or tenants - this is the responsibility of the property owner.

Request for Services

To report an insanitary condition, offensive activity (activity that gives rise to a risk to health), rodent or mosquito breeding site, discharge of waste or unhygienic hairdresser or public swimming pool complete our online Request for Service.