Dog Registration

All dogs must be registered at three months of age.  New registrations and renewals may be paid at the Civic Centre, Enfield Library or Greenacres Library.

Council offers Free first registration of dogs adopted through the Animal Welfare League or RSPCA animal shelters; and 50% rebate for 'puppies' registered less than 6 months of age.

  • Rebates are provided by Council for desexed, microchipped and obedience trained dogs.
  • Concession card holders are also eligible for discounted dog registration - see Councils registration fees below.
  • Late payment fees apply to registrations paid after the due date. Failing to register your dog may also result in a fine being issued. To avoid additional costs please register your pet by August 31 each year.
  • Transfer of registrations must be requested within 14 days of moving house.

Please notify Council within 72 hours if your dog dies, you move house or your dog is transferred to another person's ownership.

Advanced Notice

On 6 July 2016 the Dog and Cat Management Act 2015 was passed in Parliament, with some of the legislation changes effective 1 July 2017.

Councils are now required to set two mandatory registration fee categories for the classification of a ‘standard’ and ‘non-standard’ dog, commencing in the 2017/2018 dog registration period.

  • A 'standard' dog - both microchipped & desexed, attracting a 50% rebate of the full registration fee.
  • A 'non-standard' dog - not both microchipped & desexed and attracts a full registration fee.

Please note: These new laws impact dog owners who have been eligible to receive rebates such as 'desexed only' or 'microchipped only'. These dogs will now be classified as a 'non-standard' dog and will no longer be able to receive a rebate unless the dog is both microchipped and desexed.

The maximum fee for 2017/2018 dog registration is set at $75.

As of 1 July 2018 some of the other major changes will include:

  • All dogs must be microchipped by three months of age or within 28 days of acquirement.
  • All dogs must be desexed by six months of age or within 28 days of acquirement.

Please note: This law will not apply to dogs owned prior to 1 July 2018.

For more information regarding the change in legislation please refer to the Dog and Cat Management Board website or call 8124 4962.

Dog Registration

Fee Structure

Dog Registration Fee Standard Concession
Schedule Not Desexed Desexed Not Desexed Desexed
Standard $75.00 $37.50 $37.50 $18.75
Microchipped $67.50 $30.00 $33.75 $15.00
Obedience Trained $67.50 $30.00 $33.75 $15.00
Microchipped & Obedience Trained $60.00 $22.50 $30.00 $11.25
A guard dog $75.00
A working dog (as defined under the Act) $18.75
A greyhound (registered with the SA Dog Racing Control Board) $18.75
A disability dog $0.00
A business dog (Businesses that own dogs that are leased to other business as a working dog) $70.00
Transfer of registration $8.00
Replacement disc $8.00
Late fee $10.00

Proof will be required for the following concessions and rebates:

Concession - State and commonwealth concession cards accepted by Council:

  • Centrelink pensioner concession card
  • Health care card
  • Veterans affairs gold card
  • State concession card

Desexed - Proof of desexing is required
Microchipped - Proof of microchipping is required
Obedience Trained - The dog has passed certificate of achievement

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or send us an email.
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