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Council Demographics

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield has an estimated population of 123,754, making it the third largest population of any local government area in South Australia. The City's population has been steadily growing, having increased by 19,384 persons (about 19%) since 2005.

The population of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield will continue to grow, although the rate of growth is expected to decline. Having exceeded a growth rate of 10% between the 2006 and 2011 Census periods, the growth rate is likely to be under 10% by the 2021 Census period.

The population density of the Council area is 1,315 persons/km² (in an area of 97 square kilometres). This compares to about:

  • 6,000 persons/km² in Tokyo;
  • 1,500 persons/km² in Greater Melbourne;
  • 1,300 persons/km² in the City of Adelaide;
  • 350 persons/km² in Greater Adelaide.

The highest population densities are found along the coast, but also in the suburbs of Woodville Gardens, Mansfield Park and Ferryden Park (which have recently undergone regeneration). The newly developed suburbs of Northgate, Oakden and New Port also include a higher share of medium density housing.

At the 2011 Census, the median age of residents in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield was 37 years, a slight decrease from 38 years at the 2006 Census. In comparison the median age of Greater Adelaide increased from 38 to 39 years of age in the same period of time.

Community & Atlas profiles

The Port Adelaide Enfield Community & Atlas profiles display data from the 2011 Census as well as previous Census population and housing data.

The profiles are designed to inform Council, community groups, investors, businesses, students and other members of the public. To achieve this, the profiles are formatted to present the data in simple tables, charts and maps with concise, factual commentary.

Community Profile

Community Profile

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield Community Profile presents data from the Census of Population and Housing, which is conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) every five years.

The profile data has been tailored to the Port Adelaide Enfield Local Government Area, and smaller areas within it (e.g. suburbs). The population profiles are structured so enable population comparisons with other areas, and changes over time.

Covering a range of Census questions, the profile is presented with tables, charts, and commentary on frequently requested topics. In this manner, the profile data assists Council, the general public, students, community groups, organisations, businesses and investors to become more informed about the community.

Profile data is currently available from the 1991-2011 Census periods. Data from the 2016 Census will be added after the ABS has publicly released it. The 2016 data will be released in stages during the 2017 calendar year.

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