Roads and Parking

Roads and Parking

Council is responsible for the construction and maintenance of civil infrastructure which includes roads, footpaths, streetscapes, stormwater, reserves and parks and gardens for residents and visitors to use and enjoy. 

The integrity of the road network is maintained by a regular reseal and maintenance program; roads that are beyond rehabilitation are reconstructed. Council's road construction and maintenance programs are principally financed from Council's general rate revenue and Government Funding.

There is a total of 687km of local roads and 142km of arterial roads which are under the care and control of Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure DPTI (State Government). If you have an enquiry or maintenance request regarding DPTI roads please contact DPTI Traffic Management Centre 1800 018 313 or

  Map of Roads Maintained by DPTI

  List of DPTI roads within the City

Road Permits

Permits are required to conduct certain activities on council land, such as roadways, footpaths and reserves. Applications can be made online for the following types of Council permits/approvals:

  • Crane Permit
  • Miniskip Permit
  • Scaffolding Permit
  • Shipping Container Permit
  • Overdimensional Vehicle Clearance

All applications except the 'Overdimensional Vehicle Clearance' carry a $25 application fee.

Visit Council's Online Services website to submit a permit/approval application.

For further information on obtaining a permit please select Permits or contact our Customer Service Team on 8405 6600.

Guide to parking

'A Guide to Parking in Port Adelaide Enfield' was produced to reduce confusion and improve the understanding of parking rules and requirements across the City . This guide sets out in simple terms parking do's and don'ts.

For further information on road rules the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure DPTI (State Government) have produced a Road Rules Pocket Guide.

Residential Parking Exemptions

To be eligible for a Residential Parking Exemption (also known as parking permit), residents must be a primary owner occupier and/or tenant with a current lease and have no access to off street parking on the property. The residential parking exemption is intended where time limit parking controls are in effect at the frontage of a residential property. Residential Parking Exemptions will enable vehicles to park beyond the time limit without penalty. For more information on obtaining a Residential Parking Exemption please select Parking.

Vehicles left on road or public place

Vehicles left on a road, street or public place for a period may be impounded by Council. Vehicles will only be impounded as a last resort after all avenues to locate the owner and have them remove the vehicle have been exhausted.

If you wish to report a vehicle that may have been abandoned, please complete online Request for Service.If you believe your vehicle has been removed by Council contact our Customer Service Centre on 8405 6600.

If the owner of the vehicle fails to seek possession of the vehicle Council is empowered to sell or in certain cases dispose of the vehicle. The sale of impounded vehicles by Tender or Auction is advertised in The Advertiser and Council's website, Public Notices.

For further information on this topic, or if you have any questions, please call our helpful Customer Services team on 8405 6600 or send us an email.
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