Online Payments
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Online Payments

The Council offers the facility to pay your Rates, Dogs Re-registrations and Expiation Notices via this web site with a credit card. Other payments such as Sundry Debtors cannot be paid on-line at this time however payment of all amounts due to the Council can be made by telephoning the Customer Services Team on (08) 8405 6600. Credit cards accepted are MasterCard and VISA.

When making an on-line payment, you will need the credit card details and the following notices:

Payment of

Notice required



A copy of the Rate Notice for the account to be paid.

The Local Government Act 1999 provides for penalties for late payment.

Dog Re-Registrations

A copy of the notice sent to remind you to renew the registration.

Contact the Council if you do not receive the new registration disc in a few days.

Infringement Notices

A copy of the expiation notice, parking, dog or by-law.


The link to making a Rates payment connects to Bizgate. Bizgate is a South Australian Government internet payment facility that is operated on behalf of SA Government Agencies. For more information regarding Bizgate visit Bizgate terms and conditions.

To make a payment, select from the following options:

Rates payments

Council Rates

Dog renewal payments

Dog re-registrations

Infringement payments


If you require further information please contact one of our helpful Customer Services Team on (08) 8405 6600 or Email.